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Industries We Serve

Exclusive, first-class limousine service for VIPs in the Bay Area, providing top-notch luxury, privacy, and professionalism for discerning clients with high standards of comfort and style.

Point to Point Service

Point to Point

BlackWingz | Point to Point

Luxurious, reliable, and hassle-free transportation between two locations with a professional chauffeur and a stylish limousine.

Airport Transfer Service

Seamless, upscale airport transportation with a chauffeured limousine for a comfortable and convenient travel experience

Airport Transfer

BlackWingz | Airport Transfer
FBO Airport Service

Private Aviation

Hourly As Directed Service

Hourly/As Directed

BlackWingz | Hourly

Flexible, personalized, and luxurious limousine service on an hourly basis, providing you with complete control over your transportation needs, perfect for special occasions or tailored travel experiences.

Corporate Service

We provide a luxury transportation service to businesses and organizations for their professional needs, such as corporate events, meetings, and executive travel. Our VIP car service includes high-end vehicles, professional chauffeurs, and additional amenities to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience.


BlackWingz | Corporate
Wine Tours Service

Wine Tours

BlackWingz | Wine Tours

Relaxing, indulgent, and customizable limousine service for wine tours on an hourly basis, offering a sophisticated and chauffeured experience as you explore vineyards and wineries in style.

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